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Action Youth Boxing Intervention (AYBI) is a grassroots community organisation empowering young people through sports. We formulate programmes based on cognitive behavioural therapy, rational behaviour therapy, social life skills, and motivation.

AYBI work prevents young people from entering the cycle of criminality and to make positive life choices. Our interventions in schools and in the community delivers mentoring and training programme throughout Camden and Islington.


Using CBT & REBT, AYBI trainers offer children and young people an alternative outlook on education, health and well-being. AYBI successfully merge boxing with CBT & REBT theories to stimulate a new narrative about youth issues and behaviour change.



"Despite the stresses and financial constraints imposed by the pandemic, AYBI has kept going and continued to support those who needs us" 

  • Engaged 911 children and young adults in Our programmes

  • 547 school aged children have completed 'REAL TALK' programme

  • 5 Schools increased their participation by 1 day; AYBI delivers across Camden and Islington. The session are a 12 week intervention.

  • 185 children & YP have participated in the Saturday drop in

  • Box Fit sessions, with a core group of about 15 – 20 participants at each session.

  • Fit & Fed saw 179 children during the school break alleviate loneliness and hunger in those families on low income.

  • AYBI engaged the wider community through work with our community partners, Camden Health Kick at Castlehaven

Albert McEyeson - CEO & Founder

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